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SICTED Project

The business and institutional network of Islantilla was selected by the Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias and for the Secretaría General de Turismo y Comercio to participate in the pilot experiment of SICTED Project (Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destination), being one of the few national destinations chosen for this initiative. The objective of this project is to unify the different criteria in terms of quality of services offered to tourists once in the destination, while providing specific technical advice to companies that have joined the SICTED initiative.

This is a project which encourages the quality of the touristic destinations promoted by the Instituto de Turismo de España (TURESPAÑA) and the Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias (FEMP), which works with companies and tourist services up to 28 different kind of trades, with the ultimate objective of offering the best experience possible to the tourist.

The SCTE Destinos is a methodology that provides a permanent and comprehensive quality management system in a tourist destination with a new conception of the expected results, with a specific focus on continuous improvement and an attitude of recovery which fosters the value of the resources and the space.

This methodology is based on the awareness of the destination and in the identification of common goals among the agents involved.

The SCTE Destinos pursues an homogeneous level of quality in the services offered to the tourists within the destination, in a way that substantial quality weaknesses are not appreciable among the different products (agents) that represent the offer in the destination and, in this regard, negative conditioning of perception and satisfaction of tourists.

This is awarded to companies and touristic services that have demonstrated compliance with the mandatory requirements. It is a special recognition to the efforts and commitment with the quality and continuous improvement, which distinguishes the establishment from the competitors. The badge is awarded on biennial basis, although it is subject to an annual evaluation.

Islantilla Golf Resort joined this initiative from the beginning and year affer year we renew our certificate of quality.

Therefore we are fully convinced that the destination Islantilla offers to its customers a unique and unforgettable experience.