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Quality policy Hotel Islantilla Golf Resort

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Quality policy

Management of Material Resources: Our facilities are specially designed to meet the needs of our customers, not only in aspects related to comfort, but also those related to security and accessibility. Its maintenance and proper operation is one of our key goals.

Respect for the Environment: The facilities are specially designed for the rational use of the energy resources, both in terms of use of cleaner fuels and reducing its consumption. Thus, we strictly follow a policy which encourages the use of biodegradable products and the recycling of materials. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for any technological enhancement which improves both the utilization of resources and the degree of satisfaction of our customers.

Human Resources Management: We know how important is the value that our employees bring to our resort. And precisely this is why we place great importance to the continuous training, with the aim that our employees are aware of the significance of their work and their contribution to the quality service of ISLANTILLA GOLF RESORT.

Social Responsibility: Being aware of the needs that we can find in our environment, Islantilla Golf Resort is actively involved along with several NGOs in various local and national development projects

Quality Management System: It is fundamental to have a system that organizes and standardizes all of our activities to ensure that the service is consistent and constant. The main efforts will be focused on improving Customer Service and Commercialization of all services in order to generate a dynamic of continuous improvement of customer service with short-term goals. In this sense we will achieve the greatest possible economic results by optimizing all resources available, both tangible and intangible, reaching full efficiency.