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Q Tourism Quality Hotel Islantilla Golf Resort | Hotel in Islantilla

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Q Tourism Quality

The Hotel Islantilla Golf Resort is Q Quality certified by Instituto de Calidad Turística Española since 2008. Year after year, by enhancing our quality through our policy of continuous improvement, we have been able to renew this certification .

Q is the quality seal of the Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española (ICTE ) which certifies the service, facilities, and management of tourism companies.

The attributes fulfilling this quality label in the certified establishments are:

- PRESTIGIOUS, because it shows the corporate commitment to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, offering an excellent service.

- DISTINCTIVE, because it can only be obtained by those establishments that ensure minimum levels of service.

- RELIABLE, because the mechanisms used to ensure proper fulfilment of requirements requested by the Standards are independent of the own sector and are designed according to the inter-sectoral regulations.

- RIGOROUS, because to obtain it, it is essential to pass certain tests established in the Regulations and Rules.

The Q for Quality Tourism guarantees the quality of services of the establishment.

A quality system is the most efficient tool for the internal organization of the company and to achieve excellence in all aspects related to customer services.

By applying an organized work methodology in which the goodwill of all the team is replaced by a certain method, we managed to define a clear way to proceed and to organize ourselves. This method defines the responsibility of each member in performing his task, promoting at the same time continuous improvement and consolidating the management of processes.

Because of this, since we understand quality as an inherent part of the business management, Islantilla Golf Resort is involved in an ambitious project of quality management that has resulted in the certification of different systems of quality both in the golf course as in the Hotel.